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Embrace the New Year: Replacing Resolution with Ritual

May 2024 lead to you to a more connected, intentional, and inspired life

As the dawn of a fresh year unfolds, let's take some time to reflect on what we can do in 2024 to move closer to intentional living.

In the hustle of resolutions and the frenzy of new beginnings, let's pause and reimagine our approach.

Rethinking Resolutions

Resolutions usually end up being goals and expectations. They are rarely realistic and are usually a source of stress. Why start the year setting yourself up for failure?

In 2024, I am over rigid goals and ready for the freedom of flexible intentions.

Let the new year be a time to instead reflect on how we can focus more on values-based living. What truly matters to you? How can your actions align with your deepest desires this year?

Reclaiming Rituals 🌟

From ancient practices that speak to you, to the personal ceremonies you design for yourself, rituals are more than routine – they are the threads that connect us to the universe inside ourselves.

Define Your True Values: Reflect on what truly matters to you. Identify your core values and the guiding principles that align with your authentic self. Set aside time to create a ritualistic practice you can incorporate throughout the year.

Align Actions with Desires: Shift the focus from goal-oriented living to aligning actions with your deepest desires. This values-based approach fosters fulfillment and authenticity in every endeavor.

Design Rituals to be Reflective: Design your ritual to allow you to go inside regularly and check in with how well your actions have been aligning with your intentions.

Routines are mindless, resolutions are demanding, but rituals are meaningful.

Embrace the everyday magic of intentional living this year.

Rituals can be traditional indigenous practices, meditation, creating art, visiting a certain place, or repeating a phrase.... but those are just examples! Anything goes, as long as you do it with intention.

Try this ritual planner worksheet to get you in the mood!

Download PDF • 53KB


Speak kindly to yourselves,

The Autistic Burnout

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