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Abolishing Psychological Class Warfare

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Yesterday I visited the multi-talented, twice-exceptional Tibbie X and the folks over at MVMT for a cold dip.

I managed not to push my sensory seeking so far that hypothermia set in. This time. There's always next time. I believe in me.

It was fun and scary. Like a rollercoaster, but you can get out of it whenever you want. I might be obsessed.

Since I didn't have a seizure, I got to stick around and chat for a while about removing ourselves from neuronormative standards, and the future of the Autistic Burnout Project.

You can learn more about these concepts by requesting beta access to "The ND Movement, Explained" course open now.

Members will be notified when new courses are available.

Most courses will be free all the time. All courses are free during the beta trial, running until the end of March.

Message her at @tibbiexstudios to view original artwork for sale

You can try out a cold dip at

609 E Passyunk Ave

Philadelphia, PA

Be kind to yourselves,



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