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Advanced Ideas in Neuroqueering (Fall 2024)

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Deepen your exploration of the social model of disability with a look at Neuroqueering and Autistic Abolitionism movements. A step beyond the double empathy theory, Neuroqueering, as envisioned by Dr. Nick Walker, is a concept rooted in neurodiversity and queer theory. It explores the intersectionality of neurological differences and LGBTQ+ identities, challenging societal norms around neurotypicality and gender. Autistic abolitionism is a movement that intersects autism advocacy with the broader abolitionist principles. The approach challenges systems and practices that marginalize Neurodivergent individuals, particularly those with autism. The term was coined by Asiatu Lawoyin a sociologist whose work is committed to the empowerment of neurodivergent individuals and fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.

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