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Helping the Indigenous Cultures of The World Resist Exploitation

In a world grappling with the consequences of industrialized food systems and lab-grown meat, one unique initiative is quietly weaving together tradition, nutrition, and community empowerment.

Cows 4 Kids is not your average nonprofit. It's a passionate movement dedicated to preserving ancestral wisdom and ensuring the health of future generations—one cow at a time.

Here's what makes Cows 4 Kids stand out as a neuroqueering project:

  • Preserving Indigenous Cultures They recognize that Indigenous communities hold generations of knowledge about food and health. By providing animals for traditional diets, they're not only nourishing children but also revitalizing cultural heritage and saving them from western diseases of lifestyle.

  • Preventing Disease, Preserving Ancestral Wisdom: Their focus isn't just on reversing existing health issues, but on preventing them altogether. They understand that maintaining traditional diets is key to keeping communities healthy and their wisdom alive.

  • Empowering Communities: Donations of live animals don't just provide for a community once. They reproduce, providing milk, meat, and hides for generations to come. These animals do not require special feed. The animals they donate can be pasture-raised on the local native grasses.

Curious? Learn More:

Learn more about traditional foodways in my latest article in Illumination on Medium:

Good things are still happening on planet earth.

Speak kindly to yourselves!



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